New Hope Community,
Lock Sheldrake, N.Y.

“The Hub at the New Hope Community”
Loch Sheldrake, NY

The building is an 11,000 Sq. Ft. one story structure serving the recreational and educational needs of the people that the New Hope Community supports. Special effort has been taken in creating spaces that will have a calming influence on those who occupy the facility. Use of natural light (from a centralized clearstory cupola), sound (interior water fountain/sculptures), visual soothing effects (built-in fish tanks), ease of ambulation (no right angle corners), maximized exterior views of surrounding country sides (a saw-toothed floor plan along the exterior wall) and an immediately accessible, safe exterior environment (a ± 5,000 Sq. Ft covered patio with incorporated UV protected skylights) all act to address the programmatic requirements of the project. The building contains a large multipurpose space with a performance stage at one end. Served by the same backstage support facilities, is an exterior stage that in turn abuts the covered patio referenced above. Three spaces where activities such as arts and crafts, photography etc. have been provided and are placed along the exterior wall. A teaching kitchen, adjacent to a cafeteria seating ± 60 people, has similarly been placed along the exterior wall and in turn has direct access to the covered patio. The kitchen is used for food warming and training. Ancillary facilities are two administrative offices, a health care room, an audio-visual room and toilets with an adjacent shower unit.

Construction is to begin in the fall of 2009